Pin's and Sockets  


Welcome new user!    This website will be closed per 25 November 2021.                            

You can find all kind of information about Pins, Sockets, other contacts and Crimptools used in aircraft maintenance.

I'm not offer for sale any parts published on my website. , is not a company, manufacturer or distributor. The purpose of this website is to supply study information only! On this website you will find more then 1.000 different partnumbers. This website is designed to find all related tooling information for finishing of electrical contacts. For now, this is  the easyest and fastest way to find the requested information with, when available, all relations to the controlled and approved manuals. All the information found on this site is mostly related to aircraft maintenance. Therefore respect the manufacturer (official) manuals and use the information found on this website for study purposes only. Read the disclaimer for more info.

All information on this website is NOT official, you are NOT allowed to use it for real aircraft maintenance. You must always use the official maintenance manuals. You must read the disclaimer before you use any information from this website !




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